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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Inner Strength the Key to Success in Life and Racing

Inner Strength can be the defining moment between you deciding greatness or giving up and settling.  I have to say I have been put in positions in my life where people say you were so strong, I said where was my choice.  I guess that is it, you have those moments in  life where you feel you are just going to have to keep going regardless as there isn't another option.  "If your walking through hell....keep walking."  Winston Churchill.  However, there are those moments where the couch may look more inviting than that cold pool on a late winter night.  The difference it makes is your ability to have the integrity to follow through and know that each decision leads you to your goals.   You need the inner strength to keep your focus. 

Where does this inner strength come from, it comes from making a decision that you will live up to the definition you hold of yourself.  If you expect more, you will do more to get it.  If you are prepared to be status quo, you can't make a change.  You will keep repeating yourself and your results won't change.  You must put your goals on paper and you must live up to your goals if you are going to make a change. 

Physically you can go through the motions and become fitter and that will carry you through.  At some point that will plateau, unless you make a change in how you prepare there is no way for you to make that change to get better.  Identify your limiter, this is hard because most people do not want to acknowledge their own weaknesses, they hate swim because they aren't any good, they aren't gifted runners as they are always injured.  These are excuses.  When you can identify that you are always getting injured running, stop doing the same thing over and over, look for alternative things that may cause an issue with your running, look for solutions instead of excuses.

Inner strength comes from acknowledging a weakness and putting your focus on removing it from your definition of who you are.  Some people it is simply a fear of commitment, a fear of never completing anything that is written so clearly on their identity that they fail to commit to make the change.  They want to settle for where they are, because to acknowledge they could improve means they would have to expect more from themselves. 

We all know Inner Strength as Will Power.  You need will power to make change, you need focus to make change, you need determination to make change.  When you start to look at these qualities we need, we all have them.  Courage to make a change and accept that you could accomplish anything you put your mind to.  This is something that is life changing, we expect more from ourselves and we stand up and do more. 

Where does this spark to make change come from....inspiration, motivation, these are things that may be exterior to ourselves.  We may see someone we admire and want to do something they have done.  We may get inspired by a group of people that we wish to be like and to fit in we begin to take on some of their qualities, even if it goes against our natural tendencies.  Whatever your motivation or inspiration, look for ways to keep the inspiration and motivation feeding your will power.  Keep looking for ways to stay strong in your focus to achieve that goal you have set.

For some it is enrolling in a run class because they don't like to run on our own.  Others it may be the gym by work, it is easier to go there at lunch for a quick workout than to try to do something at home on our own. Take the time to evaluate what would contribute to your success and make it a priority to make those things happen. 

There is no feeling better than to create a dream or goal, to put your energy and focus on that goal and to achieve that goal.  That goal for some is to swim a length without stopping, for some it is a Try a Tri, because to be able to achieve that means that I have learned to swim, I have asked myself to do something outside my comfort zone, I have conquered a fear.  Whatever you do to rewrite your own personal definition to make it a list of achievement instead of a list of limitations, the power of positive thinking will be contagious. 

Every morning begin your day for being thankful you have goals, you have your health, you have this day, there may never be another one.  If you could choose to do anything on this one day let it be a day of adverture finding out what else you can do, what other accomplishments are out there you can claim as your own.  Treat every day as an opportunity, life will change, you will be eager to try new things to ask more of yourself, dare to live each day to its fullest, make your life one of adventure and achievment.  Take this attitue into your job, your relationship and your sport and you will live a fuller life.  Inner Strength is the foundation we build our physical strength on.  With a strong foundation, we will be prepared for anything.

Now go out and conquer your day!