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Sunday, October 8, 2017

Post event weight gain

Understanding why you eat more than you need is a habit. When we train long hours through the race season we will either get used to eating a lot or others diet during excessive training which can slow down your metabolism. Once race season is over some people go from training for 20 hours to 7 hours but we continue to eat the same. This needs to slowly be reversed. Try to taper activity a little at a time. Reduce how much you eat slowly too.  Try small changes each week.  Reduce training and intensity until you reach off season hours. Phase your eating to reduce some carbs increase some protein.

Over the next few weeks figure out what calories you are taking and what activity you are doing.  Now begin adding calories slowly. Try every other day you make the increase. Weigh in each week to see if the weight plateaus. The following week add the calories to the low days. Continue to do this until you see your weight creeping up. Take a week at that same calories and see what happens. If you have not gained weight again you can repeat the process.   In this way you will start to burn more calories doing less without gaining extreme weight.  I didn't do that myself I dunked myself in milk chocolate for a few months. In one year I gained 25 pounds from  my competition weight. This is 12 pounds higher than my pre-competition weight 12 weeks out. My goal this next 40 days is to get back to pre-contest weight.
This is coming one year after my last bodybuilding competition. I was not completely dieted to do well but I was fit and fab at 50. I decided do to some injuries to take a year off. Eat what I want make family and home a priority. My physical training became walking and physio. I allowed myself to just work on my shed guilt free and just try to get as much relief to my body as possible.  Emotionally to let go and know it is more important to heal that put in time to just lose weight. This successfully had me get most of the pain in control. It allowed me more time with family and getting some work done o. My shed and house. Some friends mentioned my weight gain proved I was human. I am human and I figured by being uber fit going to fat at a 25 pound weight gain puts me in a position to once again experience the return to fitness how everyone else feels. I have always struggled with my weight so I chose long cardio to help. I am now about to take what I know about triathlon and the bodybuilding and I am going to get back to being fit.

I joined a 40 day challenge with #bunsgunschallenge that starts October 9th. This is one yeR from the day I stopped dieting and training except physio. I am back coaching spin and strength. I am travelling to improve my Total Immersion skills in a couple weeks. My challenge is 40 days long. If you want to join me let me know. My before photos and measurements are going to be posted on Oct 9.