breaking away....

Sunday, November 17, 2019

Ironman Canada returns to Penticton and it is like Triathlon got a new lease on life. Whistler was not getting a great following and for the most part the team disbanded for a few years. We were still training doing shorter races but a lot of the athletes packed it in. This year I see them coming back for a chance to do Ironman in Penticton.

I too am going back after being out of Ironman since 2015.  I have a lot of fitness to gain. I have weight to lose and I feel like a Newby all over again.  I have an ankle injury and back injury actively slowing my training down but there is progress.

I am excited to race beside all of the Ironwill athletes again this year and I can’t wait to see the momentum build towards the race. I am holding two training camps in Penticton this year. A lot of excited people joining me. So much fun to look forward to this year.

I will begin posting my own return to fitness and Ironman. My latest pact with some of the Athletes is to lose 10 pounds by the first January class of Bootcamp. I will begin on Monday and will post updates on the goals and methods I plan to use to get to my goals.

Looking forward to an epic year!!!!