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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Day 3 of Total Immersion

Today the level 1 of Total Immersion Class was held.  We had 5 students.  We also figured out that this week is full of surprises.  One of the students was an editor for Triathlon magazine, we had a swim coach, a veteran lifeguard, a nurse  who is already working with swim therapy for brain injuries and amputees, and we had a gentleman who will be doing his first 1/2 Ironman.

This is an interesting level 1, we had so many great swimmers you had to reduce your views, look at the pieces not the whole, worry about the progression of skills not the correction for skills they had not worked their way through to.  It was a good way to settle in to imprinting the layers of Total Immersion onto each swimmer.  We rotated through the swimmers and found we all had something to offer.   Terry assisted in bringing our focus back out of the nerves of our first day teaching. 

The cold was definitely not conducive to relaxing or learning, the morning was excruciating, it must have been really disappointing for each student to see some of us in full wetsuits, while they only brought a swim suit.  Terry of course loves his cold water so he was not in any type of wetsuit.  I watched the chattering and kept them moving the best I could.  By afternoon we lost a few students (not to the cold), I was really fighting getting back in the water, but by afternoon the water was alot warmer and those students who stayed worked very hard and had amazing improvement.

Some of us without students practiced teaching on each other, a time for us to also work on our skills.  I really enjoyed the afternoon and seeing so many teaching ah ha moments.  By the end of the day the video as always reinforces the methods, the improvements in swim were amazing.  Grace in the water is always a joy to see.

Today we are moving into Level 2 of Total Immersion, new students, new experiences, new learning opportunities, I am having an adventure.

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