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Sunday, March 6, 2011

Total Immersion Coaching Clinic Day 1-2

Time is precious and all the time we spend here is really precious it is important to take the time to understand all the aspects of teaching, learning and training.  We understand them, but they all interrelate.  Core, Co-ordination and components, Core is balance and posture, co-ordination is the ability to co-ordinate in swim that is rotating and breathing, doing things on one side and then on the other, we always have a side that works and one we don't communicate with as well.  Components, our arms, and legs.  Break down any physical skill and it always begins by mastering core, then move to co-ordination, then to components.  I felt very comfortable in the progression of swim we covered today, as you master your balance, then you must co-ordinate between one side of your body and the other.  If you do not have your balance it shows up if you have moved on too fast.  This is where some people seem like fast learners, but their progression through the balance may have been seemless and therefore they move on, it is a matter of focus and patience it is there for everyone.

We were able to practice, learn and to teach.  We observed, we gave feedback and all the while the teachers were learning from their students on whether their cues were meaningful, the students were learning they had habits which kept popping up as the lessons progressed, in fact we were so much like our students back home that it gave some of us the empathy on how trying and not always succeeding can feel a little humbling.

The lessons we learn today are already becoming our workouts of tomorrow.  Our work with the tempo trainer today became a new success method for teaching that appeals to the results oriented students.  We love stroke count and time on the clock, now how about timed strokes so that the outcome is dependent on the strokes, if each stroke takes a set amount of time, if you reduce one stroke, you have increased your speed by that stroke time.  Your efficiency is also going up.  we worked with pacing based on stroke count.  The video analysis as always is great feedback.  The ability to see what you were trying to achieve and to see those same problems still creeping in the odd stroke.  

The best moment of the day was swimming stroke for stroke with Terry, maybe it was a little magic he was working, but the smooth effortless stroke of his swimming partner was so evident by the end of the day you already can see the transformation of each swimmer into a sleaker more efficient swimmer, it was beautiful to watch everyone swim with such grace, ease and precision.

Today involved more input for all parties, it was nice to hear some of the voices of those who have been more reserved on input.  Everyone joined in the discussions today and when we got to our career path, you can see that some people are still limited in thinking inside the box.  Matt has the potention to break into an area of therapy that has some hurdles, but I think a push is what it may take for him to realize that he possesses something that is unique, that is enriching to the clients, he just needs to be inventive in his way of pursuing a facility.  I see him having the most effect on peoples health through water therapy, to learn balance in a weightless environment to assist in transferring that onto land would be a real skill, one people would seek.  He could enlist a University for study on the effects of balance and water therapy on rehabilitation of brain injuries. 

Paul is so calm and so endearing that I find he was answering a calling and filling a need all at once, his path is already ahead of him and I think he is set to start right away.  Can't wait to hear about the amazing group swims in lakes in the near future.

Scott has his plan set and in glossy, I saw his excitement and anticipation on getting the show on the road.  I love that kind of enthusiasm, he is enjoying every moment of this experience as it is getting him closer to his goals.

Tomorrow we meet our first group of students.  They are in the First Level Course of Total Immersion, it will be a great day for the students and teachers alike.  Those who come for a total immersion class are always so motivated to learn that the hard part is over, they are looking for change already, they are open to change, they are ready to learn.  Bring it on.

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