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Friday, April 15, 2011

Yamuna Body Rolling for Self Massage

Okay I am not a certified Yamuna instructor, just a Triathlon coach that recognizes a good thing when they do it. Foam rollers have been in the closets of most triathletes and have been doing a great job for ages. Welcome this handy ball and you need less space and get more specific in the areas you treat. With the foam roller your muscles flatten out on the surface, with the Yamuna ball you can do cross fiber and long muscle work. The point of the ball separates the muscles and allows you to get into trigger points as well.

Most of us are using golf balls, tennis balls etc on certain areas where it works. I have yamuna balls and have purchased their foot wakers to test out. I like the approach for someone who is starting to get adhesions and chronic tension. Massage is an expensive option, but coupled with body rolling you can treat yourself between regular massages.

The best way to begin is to take an introductory class of Yamuna, it is very relaxing. As a type A personality myself I find taking Yoga or a Yamuna class mentally hard as I would rather be working out. Knowing that I need the massage and muscle relaxation is the first key to improving how my body works. You can't keep pushing the muscle contraction without allowing for muscle relaxation. The benefits of Yamuna is you may discover that your lack of flexibility can be improved which can assist in your speed and injury prevention. Who doesn't want to show up to the finish line free of injury and a little faster.

Taking a Yamuna class is also beneficial to educate you a little further on your body and how to preserve it. We are always a little to quick to put our body through pain without knowing if it is a good thing or not. Our body has many areas that aren't meant to be tested, your lymph nodes are your bodies defense, your bursa protect your joints. The class based teaching will help you avoid hurting yourself while trying to help yourself.

I have used this on my legs ever since my first class of it. I do it at home and in the gym with a medicine ball (much more painful). I get really good results and it keeps me training.

For every good hard training session you need to focus on a really good muscle relaxation afterwards, head to yoga or yamuna and give your body that break.

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