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Monday, April 20, 2015

April 20th 2015, It is a new day.  I am still coaching Triathlon and this year I have a record number doing Ironman Whistler.  I thought I would venture into my bucket list this year and attempt a physique competition in October.  This was something I wanted to do when I was 18.  I am now 48 so 30 years later it hasn't gone away.  I am acutely aware that my skins elasticity has, so I do not want to put this off any longer.  I approached a coach today and will be working with him to get me ready.  Coach is about to get coached.  I love this because I know how hard it is to have my athletes do exactly what I say, they morph it into something they think will work just as good.  I understand the importance of doing it all as it is laid out, so I am going to trust him and do what he says.  I will blog about this experience as I know I am probably the worst person to coach, ha ha, poor him.

New beginnings of unfinished business.  My first mission is to take a starting picture and measurements and send them to him.  Whatever I send him, I will post, so if you have questions let me know and I can ask him the questions as well.  I realize it is great to brainstorm.  I do also have to add alot of cardio so my issue will be gaining weight at a time when mentally I need to lose it for Ironman.  I am going to be going through some mental struggles, but in the end it should all end up great if I can just do it all.

On the coaching side, I have an amazing group of people going to Whistler.  I have a few repeat Ironman people and then I have quite a few Iron Newbies.  This is going to be exciting.  We have 2 months of build ahead of us and after that it is race season.  I have 10 weeks of building with weights before the diet begins.  This should be interesting.

Stay tuned for the meat sweat monologues.

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