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Monday, January 11, 2016

Crash and Burn

Crash and Burn pretty much sums up the goals of last year.  My Body building goal had me hire a coach.   I showed him my program to Ironman and he really didn't analyze my output.  He suggested an eating plan and exercises to add to what I was doing.

Long story short, instant drop in immune system and I ended up with a chronic cough and fatigue that wouldn't go away.  I spent 3 days a week laying down so I could continue to lead the Saturday bike rides and complete my long runs.  I kept up what I could for cardio, but I couldn't swim.   I couldn't keep my body temperature up in the water and was pretty miserable.

My training camp was incredibly tough as I was having to lead the rides and swims.  I would get hypothermic in the water working with the new swimmers, then turn around and try to lead out the faster bikers.  It was at the end of day 3 after the 3 hour run where it all crashed down.  I was sick with a migraine, cough and fatigue.  I led the next 2 days from the shore and the vehicle.  I made one swim for myself on the Friday and managed to do the bike on the Saturday in Whistler.  It provided us with rain to bike through and I was desperate to get into a warm vehicle when I finished.

I had a lot of emotional lows on the training camp as I usually do not fail physically and it is very dependent on me being there in spirit and in person.  I have looked at some changes for this year to make it more successful.

My first race I ended up pulling out before it started.  I went down to get ready and it was so cold I got too cold to start, I couldn't imagine recovering the energy it would take in time for Ironman, so I cheered instead.  I didn't feel any more rested sitting it out.  I couldn't increase my training to Ironman I just did what I could and rested when I could.

Every part of me didn't want to go to Whistler, I had no energy to do it and I just felt like it was a waste of money already spent so I went hoping when I got there the day of the race I would have some sort of high to carry me through.

Whistler was brutally cold, it was 2 degrees at the top of Callaghan and raining, the descent was between 50 - 70 km/hr and the windchill was incredibly cold.  I finished the swim slow and the bike slow, but when I went to get up from Pemberton on the last climb I was having a complete energy powerout.  I took a gel, I took off my arm warmers to avoid overheating, ha ha, no worry about that.  Then I started having problems breathing.  I took my puffer hoping it was the high heart rate triggering my sports asthma, but it wasn't.  I was hyperventilating.  I think the puffer made it worse.

When I got close to town my legs were numb, my arms were numb and I was starting to tingle in my face and crotch as well.  It was bizarre.  When I came into T2 I went to get off my bike and couldn't negotiate walking very well, my legs were unsteady and I was really dizzy.  I didn't feel this while biking, but as soon as I went to stand things were not better, they just got worse.

I have hyperventilated at the end of 4 of my 7 Ironmans.  I attributed it to having a migraine and being in intense pain.  Here I had no migraine, no pain, I had no idea what was up.  But this pointed out to me that this was the end of the race day for me.  So I pulled out before the run.  Not a popular move with those there to support me, but I just didn't want to finish and end up in a hospital because I did something stupid.

I took time to rest when we went on holidays.  It took me until October to feel like I could start training again.  I began with weights and the new goal of doing a bodybuilding competition in February.  No cardio requirements except my classes.

I kept cycling through being sick until we went to Cozumel at the end of November.  I had a full week of rest and came back feeling better.  I haven't been sick since then and am feeling like myself again.  I am weight training and on a lean out diet.  I have 7 weeks left and have to figure out the posing thing.

My weight right now is 154.5 and  I will be checking in regularly until the final competition in February.  February 27th 2016.

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