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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Post Physique competition complications

I usually give a nutrition talk and use a bottle as a representation of our health and vitality.  Basically our body in balance with nutrients, minerals and electrolytes.  A full bottle is the body full of these things essential to our well being.  Usually an athlete will withdraw from the bottle (body) with each workout and I ask people whether they remember to put things back into the bottle that are vital to their health.  Nutritious food, rest and recovery, supplements such as electrolytes which they sweat out with every workout.

Over a 3 year period the bottle (body) is becoming depleted.  This is the point when chronic muscle tension begins to appear.  The person is starting to exhibit signs of injury, over use injuries and possible fatigue.  This represent the bottle with only a working amount in it.  You are now forced to add nutrition and rest in order to perform or be able to perform with your body.  This is like an operating amount of nutrition, nutrition in = nutrition out.  When the body becomes depleted the injury becomes debilitating.

The final 10 days of the cut up diet effectively plan to completely empty the bottle.  You are drinking distilled water, removing all electrolytes from your system and taking a water flushing supplement.  This eliminates all water in the areas where you might need it to properly use your body.  I understood it but forgot to actually think of how long it might take to get my balance in nutrients back before I could start to train.

I had a great weekend of training last weekend.  By Monday I was starting to have issues with all of my muscles tightening and hip flexors started to scream.  By Tuesday I went to fool around with my son and felt my oblique get a pull or small tear.  I am currently deciding to take a couple weeks off of planned training and just walk and do range of motion activities in the gym.

I will keep you posted.  This is interesting to learn about the body.   Be better without the pain that goes with the learning.

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