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Sunday, January 2, 2011


Knowing the right move to make means you must communicate, lately there are texts, emails, phones, etc, too many ways and people are becoming harder to get good communication with.  Before you venture forward you need to make sure everyone understands what is happening.  Sometimes we word things ambiguously and that leaves room for misinterpretation.  A person needs to carefully plan their purpose and get it concise before proceeding.  This is something I am focusing on for this year.  To be clear and concise with my messages.  I have run things somewhat loosely disorganized always hoping people would have understanding of my busy schedule, but sloppy is sloppy.  Time to put the polish on the package.  Time to restructure.  I am starting from the ground up to get my format done correctly the first time every time this year.  I have a reason to be organized, I do my work from home and my kids inhabit my office.  It is hard to focus on what needs to be done with all the distractions of the kids let alone a disorganized approach to the business side. 

I am communicating through advertising about my classes, to try to get new interest, timing is everything and I may have waited too long on this.  I also have been realizing I am communicating to a large list of people no doubt tired of the emails, so sublists for special interests is one of the ways I plan to fix this.  Keep people up to date on what interests them, not on everything.  I am going to try to create a better method, let us hope it works.  If you have organized yourself already and have some ways to share getting the office, the files and such in order, give me a shout.

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