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Sunday, January 9, 2011

Restructure may be a blessing

The next couple weeks I may actually begin doing what I wanted to, getting organized.   Giving up the extra classes is finding me the time I need to get my restructuring started.  My goals for the business is to get online officially, a better book keeping and athlete tracking system.  More one on one time for the athletes a little less in the class situation.   I am excited about the prospects this year.  Everyone is very motivated right now and that makes my job easier.  I have been revamping some of the computrainer workouts and having experience with programming, I should have fun writing the workouts to run on the computrainer to give my athletes their specific goals, very exciting.  I have a few athletes with computrainers, I have 2 myself.  I will probably start testing some of them on mine to get some stats on where they are and how to best proceed, for those who have one already, it is like being able to test once per week.  Getting the athletes used to logging useful information and relaying it back to me is in the works.  A workout stat sheet with details I need I think is going to be built this week.  I am getting some fitness pursuit program plans coming in as well.  It makes me work harder to keep the interest into the workouts as the race is no longer the measuring tool, it is how interesting the workout if they want to keep doing it. 

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