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Friday, January 7, 2011

Technical Difficulties

Some days feel like you are swimming upstream, this week I think I was trying to swim up Niagra Falls.  Seriously on the business side of things, sticky situations are to be expected but this was crazy glue sticky.  To try to rent facility space it seems that it was late happening, I had a very helpful booking agent, unfortunately she wasn't the first in command, getting things done and okayed took longer than expected, to find out 3 weeks before the classes were due to start what classes you could run is too late.   The existing clients I had aborted mission and signed up for the facility run classes to protect their interests and saved a few days for me to fill for them.  If they had asked I would have suggested aborting a specific day due to lack of interest.  Hind sight, the gross advertising costs, it being over Christmas when the ad hit, or shall I say missed, I came up with one person to sign up, and one more for the Triathlon Clinic.  My classes that I was trying to fill didn't, the advertising budget was money thrown away, the classes that were going to run are now paying for that learning experience. 

My advertisement did get some higher up attention in the facility and I think the message they may have received was that they shouldn't be renting to me, they should be filling those times with their classes if it is possible.  I feel a little pushed out, but I can't argue I see the logic, my life requires me to just accept it and move on.  I guess with every door closing a window opens, this window allows me more time to work on program plans.

No run class, hard to be a triathlon coach without the running coaching, but it isn't impossible.  I think this year will be better for me to free up the time for the shoulder surgery, the total immersion coaching if that works out.  I guess I should solicit a few other facilities in the Edmonton Area to find out if Lane Rentals are a possibility if it turns out that I lose the pool rental space as well.  Hate to go through the hoops to certify to find out I won't have a place to instruct.

Anyone know of a facility in Edmonton or surrounding area looking for a Triathlon Coach.

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