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Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Time to Total Immersion Certify?

One of my choices is to follow Total Immersion coaching as part of my overall Triathlon Coaching Package.  This is a perfect platform for age groupers challenged by the swim, it is a quick way to improve speed in the water and it has a huge benefit in easy to teach techniques that work.  Swimming explained to non-swimmers in simple english, in small pieces and suddenly the penny drops and they are on their way across the pool with ease.  I am excited by the changes I see in everyone that it is by far the most motivating class to teach.  I as yet am not a TI coach, I just study his teaching and instruct from the pool edge.  Not  a Total Immersion plan really, but we do not have a shallow lane to do hands on, I would love this to be done this year.

Plans may happen for March, looks like my MRI will have to be rescheduled, hopefully this won't affect my racing in 2012, I would love to do Ironman Canada our group has so many going that it would be a huge event to all be there.  I don't want to miss it.  Shoulder surgery takes some recovery time, so I need to make sure it is all timed perfectly.

Triathlon Clinic was advertised and now it is a wait and see if people sign up.  The hope is that it runs, but I am now diverted into preparing myself for the TI application process as well.  I see sleep as an option over the next couple weeks.  At least I am excited about it, so it is time to move on to planning for the future again.

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